Happy New Year

I’m one of those people who was looking forward to the new year. 2014 was a mixed bag of treats for me. There were a lot of good times but I lost far too many friends and family members last year. I found myself dealing with a lot of crap and fighting depression. I started to doubt myself. Most of the material I’ve written these last few months hasn’t been edited or published for that reason. People, who I thought I knew, disappointed me. From little events like a change to several comic book characters to their take on the events in Furgeson and New York made me see them in a new light. Despite the setbacks, I’ve made some progress. I learned a little more about myself and found out who my friends are.

For me, 2015 is going to be all about change and transformation. There are things I want to do and stories I want to tell. I’m not going to put them off because of fear and doubt. That’s my New Year’s Resolution.

I hope each and every one you the best for 2015. If you feel like sharing some of your resolutions, comment below and let me know.


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