Kindle Tips and Tricks: Buy a Case

For me, this is a no brainer. You invested money in your Kindle Fire. Spend a little bit more to protect that investment. A good case will extend your Kindle’s life expectancy.

When buying a case, don’t base your decision solely on looks or price. The best looking or cheapest case might not fit your needs. The most expensive case might not offer more than a cheaper case. You want the right mix of form and function. Here are a few questions to help you pick the right case.

Do you need a slim case so your Kindle Fire can fit easily into a coat pocket or bag? Do you need a hard and sturdy case that offers more protection? Can you charge your Kindle Fire or use the camera without taking it out of the case? Do you want a case that can be used as a stand for hands free viewing of content? Do you need a loop for a stylus or interior pockets? Do you like the look and feel of the case?

I went with a MoKo case for my Kindle Fire HD 6. It offered a good mix of protection, looks, and functionality that fits my lifestyle. In addition to the magnetic closure, it has an elastic band for extra security. For those times when my Kindle needs a little extra protection, I use a neoprene sleeve. It’s big enough to fit my Kindle Fire while in its case.

If you have a favorite case for your Kindle Fire HD 6, feel free to share and comment below. Help a fellow Kindle owner out.


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