Tips and Tricks: Secure Your Kindle

It’s a good idea to secure your Kindle Fire with a password. If it’s ever lost or stolen, your personal data will be safe. To set a password, go to settings and turn “Lock Screen Password” on. If you lose or forget your password, you can reset your Kindle Fire. It will remove all data and content from your device. If you registered your Kindle Fire, this isn’t a problem. It will download your content from the cloud when you register the device again.

An additional layer of security can be added with parental controls. Parental controls will restrict access to browsing, shopping from Amazon, and playing videos. This is handy for turning your Kindle Fire into a more kid friendly device and to limit what people can do while using your Kindle. To set up parental controls, go to settings.

Finally, you can use the FreeTime app to set up multiple accounts. For each account, there will be options to control access to content and data. You can use this to set up an account for a child or a guest account for those using your Kindle Fire.  To access FreeTime, go to the apps section of your Kindle Fire.


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