Tips and Tricks: Rooting Your Kindle Fire

For a true android experience, you can root your Kindle. You’ll gain access to widgets, wallpapers, the google play store, and a host of other features.

There is some risk involved so you need to follow any instructions to the letter. Doing so will void your warranty so it’s not something I recommend. That’s why I’m not posting any instructions here. If you’re interested in rooting your Kindle Fire, do some research first. There are plenty of reputable web sites with instructions and tutorials for rooting your Kindle.

If you’re on the fence about rooting your Kindle, don’t do it. There isn’t a need to unless you’re a Android diehard. As much as I like the customization and versatility of Android, I didn’t root my Kindle Fire. In my opinion, it wasn’t worth it. The operating system is good enough for my needs. Also, Amazon is very good at responding to customer feedback. The Kindle Fire’s operating system keeps getting better. Sooner or later, Amazon will add more customization options. I’m patient and happy enough to wait.



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