First Impression: Fade to Black

I decided to sample Fade to Black. after one of the authors contacted me on Twitter. The book had a lot of things going for it including positive reviews, an eye catching cover, and a description that made me curious about it.

When two authors collaborate on a book, the union isn’t always perfect. Sometimes you can spot differences in the writing styles and the way the characters are portrayed. That kind of thing can sometimes distract a reader and lessen their enjoyment of a book. It happened to me with Kill Ratio by David Drake and Janet Morris.  That’s not a problem with what little I read of Fade to Black.

The opening chapters serve to introduce the main character and set the stage for what is probably going to be a very fun ride. My only gripe was that the sample seemed shorter than normal, a sign that the book was able to hold my attention in a good way. Some might have a slight problem with the first person perspective but that’s a matter of personal taste. It works for some stories and I liked it in this case.

With all I have to do right now, I probably won’t get around to reading this and the other books in the series until the Summer time when I’ll be on the road traveling. One thing is certain. I’ll have plenty of good books to read and Fade to Black will be one of them.


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