Flash Fiction: From the Heart

It started with a look followed by a smile and a laugh. The conversation shifted, no longer contained or constrained by mere words. A touch, a caress, and a kiss under the stars and moon communicated so much more. Feelings flowed. Together the flames of passion were fanned and pleasure was found. A moment of contentment and happiness threatened to stretch into eternity. He almost ruined it all by saying the words, “I love you.”

Love was one of those scary words. It could be misunderstood and twisted, even by those who thought they knew it well. Looking in his eyes, he knew the words were heartfelt.

“I got you something,” his lover added, reaching under the pillow for the dark envelope.

Surprise and protest gave way to curiosity. In the dark, he couldn’t read what was printed out on the paper inside and he was no hurry to turn on the lights. “What is it?”

“It s not the most romantic present in the world,” his partner admitted. From the way his muscles tensed, it was clear this was either awkward or difficult for him. “You can use it to see her or have her come to visit.”

“I…..” He really didn’t know what to say. Instead, he surrendered to the moment, replying with a lingering kiss. “You always surprise me.”

A sigh of relief was breathed. “I didn’t want to overstep but I wanted to do something special. I know you miss her.”

Then there was no more need for words. It was enough that he understood or at least tried to. All of them had entered into this with their eyes open, knowing each others feelings and it worked. It wasn’t perfect. Few things were but there was no forced choices, jealousy, or drama to contend with.

They had all the things that mattered. What more could he ask for? During the early hours of the morning, before the sun came up, a few things came to mind. The neighbors were sure to complain about the noise but he didn’t care.


Author’s Note: A good friend asked a bunch of us to be creative and submit our best dirty limericks, racy haikus, spicy stories, and artwork with extra points for incorporating certain themes into the story. I decided to challenge myself and write this story. I’m pleased with the results, so here it is. Hope you enjoy a little something different from me.


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