A New Routine

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to get back into shape and exercise more. It was tough getting started. The routine I tried to get into only compounded the problem. Even in my prime, I was never one for pumping iron. Also, treadmills and exercise bikes didn’t work for me. It felt too much like work. I needed to see the world and experience it. With that in mind, I ordered a new pair of walking shoes which arrived last week I’ve burned more calories walking than I did in the gym because I like what I’m doing. That might change when winter comes around. In the meantime, I’m going to increase my step count until I’m back to where I used to be when I was a messenger. As a side benefit, it’s given my writing a slight boost. Later this week, I’ll have a few more stories and info about my con schedule for the summer and fall. Until then, take it easy.


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