Flash Fiction: The Call

There it was again. It was like the sound of distant thunder. Carson glanced at his traveling companions. He didn’t know the men and women sharing the road with him. None of them seemed to hear the sound. Instead of asking them about it, he turned away from them and struck off into the wilderness on his own. With the road lost to him, he let his senses to guide him.

“You hear it, don’t you?”

Carson wasn’t surprised or caught off guard by the question. He caught sight of the old man leaning against the tree before he had spoken.

“Yes. Was that you?”

The stranger shook his head. His weathered skin and wispy snow white beard were at odds with his youthful eyes. They gave the impression that despite all the man had seen, he was still eager to see and do more.

“No. It wasn’t. I heard it too. It’s not the first time. Some are blessed and cursed to hear it more than once in their lifetimes.”

The sound hadn’t stopped. It was louder and more urgent. It took all his willpower to resist its pull. Thankfully, the old man abandoned his resting spot to walk in the direction of the sound.

“I don’t understand,” Carson said. “What is it?”

“Maybe it’s a call to action? Maybe it’s a cry for help? We won’t know which until we get there.”

Carson thought about that. “What about the others I was traveling with? Why couldn’t they hear it?

At that, the old man smiled sadly. “What makes you think they didn’t? Some chose to ignore it. Not everyone has the strength or courage to answer the call.”

As they neared their destination, Carson noticed others converging on the area. He still didn’t know what awaited them or what they would do when they got there. He just knew it was important that they had answered the call.


Author’s Note: Carson is the main protagonist for a fantasy story called The Dreamers. Whenever I write a story, I make a lot of notes. Some of those notes evolve into stories of their own that help me flesh out the characters or give a little insight into them. Every once in a while, I post one of these stories. As for The Dreamers, I’m still working on it and a few other stories that I need to publish.


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