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Flash Fiction: The Demon

It was a nightmare from ages past. I thought I had vanquished this demon, yet here it was again. Given strength by the stress of the moment and my weakness, it seemed unbeatable. As my resolve weakened. I thought back to the advice of my sponsor and the stories of those who battled this same foe. I remembered the mistakes made and the price paid. I set the bottle down, unopened.


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Flash Fiction: The Tapestry

The tapestry was over two hundred years old. It was more than a simple wall hanging. It was a work of art that brought together those who viewed it. The images embroidered on it depicted the dream our ancestors fought and died for. It wasn’t perfect. The loose threads were easy to ignore until someone pulled on them. The fabric bunched up. More threads came undone. These too were pulled. The damage and imperfections were now clearly visible. The entire tapestry was unraveling. Can it be restored to its former glory? Is it even worth the effort? There’s only one way to find out. I look to my tools and co-workers. Together, we get to work

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Flash Fiction: The Call

There it was again. It was like the sound of distant thunder. Carson glanced at his traveling companions. He didn’t know the men and women sharing the road with him. None of them seemed to hear the sound. Instead of asking them about it, he turned away from them and struck off into the wilderness on his own. With the road lost to him, he let his senses to guide him.

“You hear it, don’t you?”

Carson wasn’t surprised or caught off guard by the question. He caught sight of the old man leaning against the tree before he had spoken.

“Yes. Was that you?”

The stranger shook his head. His weathered skin and wispy snow white beard were at odds with his youthful eyes. They gave the impression that despite all the man had seen, he was still eager to see and do more.

“No. It wasn’t. I heard it too. It’s not the first time. Some are blessed and cursed to hear it more than once in their lifetimes.”

The sound hadn’t stopped. It was louder and more urgent. It took all his willpower to resist its pull. Thankfully, the old man abandoned his resting spot to walk in the direction of the sound.

“I don’t understand,” Carson said. “What is it?”

“Maybe it’s a call to action? Maybe it’s a cry for help? We won’t know which until we get there.”

Carson thought about that. “What about the others I was traveling with? Why couldn’t they hear it?

At that, the old man smiled sadly. “What makes you think they didn’t? Some chose to ignore it. Not everyone has the strength or courage to answer the call.”

As they neared their destination, Carson noticed others converging on the area. He still didn’t know what awaited them or what they would do when they got there. He just knew it was important that they had answered the call.


Author’s Note: Carson is the main protagonist for a fantasy story called The Dreamers. Whenever I write a story, I make a lot of notes. Some of those notes evolve into stories of their own that help me flesh out the characters or give a little insight into them. Every once in a while, I post one of these stories. As for The Dreamers, I’m still working on it and a few other stories that I need to publish.

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Excerpt: The Crown and the Ring

I should have posted a long time ago.  Truth be told, I thought I had but it was sitting in my draft folder.

Long delayed thanks to Victorine Lieske, author of Not What She Seems, and other best sellers. She took the time and effort to critique the first chapter. Her advice gave me a lot to think on. I also want to thank K.C. May, author of The Kinshield Legacy, for her help. Without further ado, here is the long delayed excerpt from The Crown and the Ring. Enjoy.

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Flash Fiction: Three Words

Under faraway stars, we speak the words. They flow freely, deep and heartfelt. Their power turns the night and conversation into something magical. Secrets and laughter are shared. The problems of the day are forgotten, replaced by simple pleasures. Time passes. Passion flows. The morning comes all too soon. Will the dawn rob the words of their power? Will what we had be forgotten or chalked up to a moment of weakness? The words are spoken again. The questions are answered.

Author Note: I’ve been at a loss as to what to post. I decided to post another piece of flash fiction. It was part of a challenge that I did this weekend. Hope you enjoy it.

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Flash Fiction: The Climb

I clung to the rocks, searching for handholds. Around me, others attempted the ascent. Many faltered and fell to the ground far below. Some, battered and bruised, got up to make another attempt. The rest were too broken in body or spirit to try again.

The higher I climbed, the risks became greater. To save myself, I allied myself with a fellow climbers. Together, we survived everything the mountain threw at us. Those, who got in our way, were cast down.

Finally, we reached the summit and the old king. He been at the top for some time now. This ground was his. He was master of it and all he surveyed. Those he cast down from his lofty perch could testify to that. We didn’t let that stop us.

Together, the old king was no match for us. He fell, his body tumbling down the side of the mountain. I took a moment to take in the view as my partner caught his breath. I never would have made here without him.

My attack came as a surprise to him. He falls, following the old king. His curses are swallowed up by the wind and distance. Did I do the right thing? Maybe he would have been content to share the summit and power? I couldn’t take the chance.

I look down to see the other climbers I passed by and the new ones struggling to conquer the mountain as I did. There are so many of them and I’m all alone with no to watch my back or help me. How long will I last before I’m cast down, to join the old king and my former partner?


Author’s Note: I wrote this story a long time ago for a contest. After looking at the terms, I decided not to submit it. Even though it’s not one of my best stories, I’m still quite possessive of it. I hope you enjoy it.

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Flash Fiction: From the Heart

It started with a look followed by a smile and a laugh. The conversation shifted, no longer contained or constrained by mere words. A touch, a caress, and a kiss under the stars and moon communicated so much more. Feelings flowed. Together the flames of passion were fanned and pleasure was found. A moment of contentment and happiness threatened to stretch into eternity. He almost ruined it all by saying the words, “I love you.”

Love was one of those scary words. It could be misunderstood and twisted, even by those who thought they knew it well. Looking in his eyes, he knew the words were heartfelt.

“I got you something,” his lover added, reaching under the pillow for the dark envelope.

Surprise and protest gave way to curiosity. In the dark, he couldn’t read what was printed out on the paper inside and he was no hurry to turn on the lights. “What is it?”

“It s not the most romantic present in the world,” his partner admitted. From the way his muscles tensed, it was clear this was either awkward or difficult for him. “You can use it to see her or have her come to visit.”

“I…..” He really didn’t know what to say. Instead, he surrendered to the moment, replying with a lingering kiss. “You always surprise me.”

A sigh of relief was breathed. “I didn’t want to overstep but I wanted to do something special. I know you miss her.”

Then there was no more need for words. It was enough that he understood or at least tried to. All of them had entered into this with their eyes open, knowing each others feelings and it worked. It wasn’t perfect. Few things were but there was no forced choices, jealousy, or drama to contend with.

They had all the things that mattered. What more could he ask for? During the early hours of the morning, before the sun came up, a few things came to mind. The neighbors were sure to complain about the noise but he didn’t care.


Author’s Note: A good friend asked a bunch of us to be creative and submit our best dirty limericks, racy haikus, spicy stories, and artwork with extra points for incorporating certain themes into the story. I decided to challenge myself and write this story. I’m pleased with the results, so here it is. Hope you enjoy a little something different from me.

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