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Some Thoughts on Immigration

We are a nation of immigrants. The influx of immigrants and new ideas has always benefitted this country in numerous ways. It’s what made this country great. That said, there needs to be some immigration reform but I am against mass deportation. There should be a path to citizenship. Those who aren’t white shouldn’t be treated any differently than immigrants from Europe. Religion should never factor into it. To do otherwise, violates everything the founding fathers fought for.

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A Rare Political Post

Originally, I planned to post a story I was working on. In light of recent events, I’m going to make the rare political post and talk about the election.

I don’t see myself as a democrat or a republican. Some of my views are very liberal and progressive while I’m hold some more conservative views. When it came to this election cycle. I wasn’t in love with either candidate. I would have preferred Sanders with Biden as my second choice as far as candidates go.

My vote wasn’t just about which candidate’s policies were best for me, my friends, and family. It was also about which candidate had policies and views that hurt people and this country the least. How many considered the latter during this election? Looking at the state of affairs today, clearly not enough.

Women, minorities, the lgbtq community, and numerous others have every right to be afraid. They have valid reasons for feeling the way that they do so don’t try to tell them to stop whining or shut up. On day one, racists are openly spewing their hatred and committing acts of vandalism. Women are enduring more bile than ever on social media because they wouldn’t support a man who talked about sexual assaulting them and didn’t see a thing wrong with it. Members in the lgbtq community have been assaulted while politicians talk about stripping them of their hard fought for rights. Peaceful protesters have been labelled as thugs, rioters, and traitors while armed militia men who take over federal land are called patriots. People around the world are concerned about a US that no longer honors its treaties and fell less safe.

Spare me the talk about coming together and reaching out to the other side. Right now, the only reason I would reach out to the other side is to strangle it. It’s the other side that has to reach out to. Here’s hoping they do.

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