Green Arrow Green Arrow

Two good friends of mine gave me the Smallville version of Green Arrow’s costume. I always liked Green Arrow. He didn’t have a huge rogues gallery like other heroes. he didn’t need one. In some ways, he was his own worst enemy. I made a few changes to the outfit to fit the look I wanted to go for. I wore it at Super Megafest, C2E2, and DragonCon. It remained one of my favorites until the jacket had a catastrophic failure after DragonCon. I plan to redo the costume or go with a different version of the character.

This picture was taken at C2E2. Because I had to fly to Chicago for the con, I had to leave my long bow at home. Even so, this is one of the better pictures of the costume.

 DC Grendel Costume Grayscale Grendel

This was my first super hero costumes that I did. At the time, Hunter Rose was one of my favorite comic book characters. It was also easy to do and I had a lot of fun costuming as him. I met a lot of friends and people in the community who helped me expand my horizons. One of these days, I’ll redo the costume and incorporate some of the things I’ve learned.

 Luke Cage 2 Luke Cage

I was a fan of Luke Cage before he was brought to life in Netflix’s Jessica Jones and his appearances in the New Avengers. I might not have the muscles of a Luke Cage but I still love the character. I’ve done two versions of this character. The first was based on a costume designed by the talented Ray-Anthony Height. The other was the costume from the 70s, complete with headband. And to all my friends, it’s not a tiara. The first time I debuted the costume, I ended up in an impromptu Heroes for Hire photoshoot with some of the best people I know.

 Nick Fury 1 Nick Fury

I always liked Nick Fury as a character. A super spy in a world of super heroes with Steranko at the helm of his book really drew me in. When the Ultimates came out and I saw the new version, I decided to do his costume. I had it ready just in time for the first DragonCon after Iron Man was released. I don’t want to tell you how many times I had to quote the Sammuel Jackson’s speech at the end of that movie but I had fun doing it every time. I also got to meet some truly talented and fun cosplayers that year. I still don the leather coat and eye patch for the annual SHIELD group at DragonCon.

 Ocean Master Ocean Master

This is one of my newer costumes. Sometimes it’s good to be bad and the brother of Aquaman fits the bill nicely. He’s not very popular or well known but it’s a fun costume especially if you run into someone costumed as Aquaman, Mera, or anyone else who knows the character. I love seeing the look in their eyes and the smile on their face. For this costume, I made a collapsible trident so I can transport it more easily. I also have a few other props to make the costume shine. This isn’t the best picture of the costume but it gives you a good idea of the look I was going for.

 Onomatopoeia 1 Onomatopoeia

He is one of those lesser known character. Kevin Smith created him during his run on Green Arrow. I decided to costume as him because he was an interesting villain and, let’s face it, the good guys need someone to beat up on. I think I did a very good job with the costume. At DragonCon, I ended up getting pimp slapped by Batman and shot at by a Green Arrow. All in all, it was a fun time.

 Orion 1 Orion

Yes, I’m a fan of Kirby’s work. This is what drew me to costuming as the New God, Orion. I debuted the costume serveral years ago and it is still one of my favorites. I can’t take credit for the costume. I had a lot of help with it, Tom Terrell was kind enough to work on the helmet for me. The man is a true artist. Norman Antonio provided me with the bodysuit after I gave him the design I wanted to go with. I think this is one of the best costumes I own and one of the most fun to wear.

 Phantom Stranger 1 Phantom Stranger

This is a character I have been costuming as for years. I’ve had several versions of the character and costume as well as numerous props. Each costume gets better and better. The Phantom Stranger is an outsider, the person that everyone knows but not very well yet he is willing to offer his help. In part that’s what drew me to the character. Also, he looks epic in his cloak and hat.

 Ultimate Ronin Ronin

Ronin was one of my favorite characters from the New Avengers run. When the Ultimate version was unveiled, I decided to do that version of the costume with a little help from the talented Laurana Attwood who did the vest and green silk wraps for the costume. I had a lot of fun in this costume. I was in a casual walking group with some good friends and took a lot of pictures with them. In the future, I plan on doing the 616 version of the character when time and money permits.


Other costumes include Bullseye, Magneto, Krillin, and Morpheus as well as assorted Steampunk and middle eastern garb from my SCA days. If you want to see more pictures of me and my friends in costume, check out my flickr account. Occasionally, I update it with new pictures from the cons I attend. For the costumes I am currently working on, check the Works in Progress section.