It’s no surprise that I’m an avid gamer. Over the years, I’ve played a ton of games. Most of my experiences has been with mmo’s and online games. I remember going on relic raids with the Reckoning and Northguard in Dark Ages of Camelot. In Warhammer Online, Aeon, and a number of other games, I fought alongside Vigilance. My favorite games have an entertaining story and memorable characters. Those things along with a good community are what I look for in a game. The games listed below are the ones I currently play.


Star Wars the Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire

Hands down, this is my favorite mmo. I love the stories and npc’s that populate the Old Republic universe. The community on (server) is pretty good though some of the diehard pvpers have no tolerance for those new to pvp. I primarily play on the side of the Empire. I like the class stories and missions slightly better than the Republic. My favorite character is the Operative. It might not have the raw healing power or dps that some of the other classes have but it does have a lot more versatility along with stealth. I also love playing my Mercenary and Sith Juggernaut. I’m currently enjoying the latest expansion and monthly content updates though the game really needs new operations, flashpoints, and pvp maps.


Eve Online

I don’t play this as much as I used to. It’s not a game for the casual player, at least not at the level I was playing at. I belonged to Team Pizza, a wormhole corporation that did a lot of pvp.  It’s not a big corp but we were always willing to fight and didn’t mind loses as long as we had fun. A look at our killboard will show how little we cared about the odds. I’m currently taking a break from the game.



I’ve been known the break blocks and build on a couple of Minecraft servers. I usually play the Direwolf pack where I primarily use Botania and Ender IO mods for my building projects. I also dabble in AE, Forestry, Thaumcraft, and other mods to make my life easier in the game. The next time I play, I’ll pose some screenshots of my building projects.


Mass Effect Series

This series made me fall in love with Bioware’s story driven rpg’s. The characters are fun, interesting, and memorable. You grow attached to them and your Commander Shepard. As far as gameplay goes, it’s very solid and fun even the multiplayer component in Mass Effect 3. I can’t count the number of hours I’ve spent playing through the trilogy. My favorite game of the trilogy is Mass Effect 2. The whole story line felt epic and the ending was satisfying. I’m really looking forward to the next game in the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda.


Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

I didn’t have a lot of experience with the Metal Gear francise because I am primarily a pc gamer. After trying Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes, I wished more of the Metal Gear games was available for the PC. It has a very rich and complicated story filled with compelling characters. The gameplay and stealth mechanics was a welcome change from my usual games. When I got The Phantom Pain, I was drawn into the story and spent way too much time getting S rank in most of the missions. My only complaint was the multiplayer component of the game and the way the story ended. With a limited selection of maps and game modes, multiplayer wasn”t enough to hold my interest for long. As for the story, it felt like an entire chapter was missing at the end.


The Division

This game isn’t for everyone. The E3 trailers showed a lot of promise but friends in the beta warned me that it didn’t live up to that potential. At first, the story seems simple and generic. Gathering the collectibles and listening to npcs fleshes it out a lot. The echoes, holographic playbacks of events, shed some light on the characters and story. Most of the gameplay is pretty solid though the cover system can be annoying. The game really shines when you play with a group to complete missions or journey into the Dark Zone. That said, the game has several problems. The endgame is totally screwed up right now because of the way the Dark Zone is set up. Also, there isn’t a lot of variation in enemy types and factions. This might cause people to lose interest once they get to the endgame. For now, I’m sticking with it to see what the expansions bring in form of content. Who know? I might post a few vids on youtube or do something on twitch.