Author Spotlight

Sometimes, I will pick an author to spotlight. If you want to see a particular author spotlighted, send an email to with the subject Author Spotlight and the name of the author. Please include a link to where I can find more information about the author. This is a free service and not all authors will be featured.

Submission Status: Open


Book of the Week

Promoting and marketing your books can be a chore. In the past, I featured a Book of the Week. Since I didn’t get a lot of interest in this or submissions, I decided to discontinue this. I might bring it back in the future.

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This information is listed for when (and if) I re-open submissions. I only review review science fiction and fantasy ebooks available for the Kindle. If you are interested in having your book reviewed by me, email me at Please put the title of your book in the subject line of the email and the word “Review”.

After I receive a request, I will download a sample of the book and read it. I will then post my first impressions based on the sample. If I am interested in reading more, I’ll let you know and add the book to my list. Once I am done reading it, I will post a review here and on Amazon.

Keep in mind, I am not a professional book reviewer. I read when I have free time. I have a long list of books to read so it might be a while before I can get to your request. I do accept review copies and Smashwords coupons. I can’t guarantee that I will read and review everything sent to me. If I do review a book, I can only guarantee that it will be an honest review.

Submission Status: Closed


Tips and Tricks

When the Kindle was first released, I posted a number of tips and tricks I learned. I also accepted tips from other Kindle owners. With the current generation of Kindle ereaders and Fire models, there is a lot of information readily available on a number of site. If I learn something new or groundbreaking , I might post and update this section. I’ll leave the old posts on this site for archival purposes and for those who still own early generation Kindles.



I’ve resisted the urge to use Kickstarter, Gofundme, and Patreon. Maybe that might change in the future. Until then, the best way to support this blog and me is to purchase one of my books. Spreading the word about this blog and my books goes a long way. If you like one of my books, please leave a review and let your friends know about it.

Thanks, Richard