Enter the world of Count Albritton. It is a world where magic and the supernatural are very real. Creatures of legend, sorcerers and other powers walk among us. As a paranormal investigator, Count helps people with supernatural problems the authorities are either unwilling or unable to deal with. It’s dangerous work. Luckily he has Kara, a beautiful guardian angel to help him.

Over the years, magic has grown weaker as mankind has made more and more technological advances. Many things that were possible in the past are no longer possible or easier to accomplish using technology. One man seeks to change all of that. He plans to bring back the golden age of magic. To do so means sacrificing the technology that mankind depends upon and unleashing horrors best left forgotten. Count isn’t about to let that happen. Even with the help of his friends, it’s a fight he isn’t sure he can win.

Who and what are the Incarnates? After an encounter with a stranger, Bethany is about to find out. The answer is just the beginning of her adventures as she is plunged into a world she never knew existed.

This edition includes the stories: Lovers, Old Flames, Roses, and Crossroads. These stories are set in the same world as the Count Albritton Series. As a bonus, this edition also includes the Count Albritton stories: Soulcatcher and The Case Not Taken.

A vengeful revenant and a double crossing wizard are just the start of Count Albritton’s problems. No one said being a paranormal investigator would be easy. Luckily, he has Kara, a beautiful guardian angel, and his friends to help him out. Grave Digging is a collection of four short stories featuring Count Albritton and his friends. These stories take place prior to The Gift of Fury.

For Count, strange messages and cryptic warnings are part of the job. Stuffing the bodies of two of his friends into a suitcase and dropping it off at his apartment certainly got his attention. Now, Count has a message of his own to deliver. You don’t get to kill his friends and walk away, but can even he resist the Hunger?

Count has made a lot of friends and enemies. Nerva is one of his closest and oldest friends yet a lot about the beautiful vampire is a mystery to him.
Under the Hunter’s Moon, some of her secrets will be revealed as vampires, hunters, and wizards prepare to do battle.
As a Caster, Tyler uses cybernetic implants to broadcast his emotions and experiences to the viewers at home. He is living a life of action and adventure–until he loses his job. Now he must hustle illegal broadcasts and take odd jobs to survive.When his agent is killed, Tyler is framed for the crime. With his only allies–an ex-cop turned criminal and a bartending medical student–Tyler is plunged into the middle of a mystery and comes face to face with the darker side of the broadcasting industry. Tyler soon learns there is much more for him to lose…and much farther to fall. (Tech Noir: Book One)
Cover - Redemption Song 3 Joey wasn’t looking for redemption or a second chance. He just wanted to be left alone. When Tabitha turned up on his doorstep looking for help, he knew she was going to be trouble. Broadcasters were always trouble.He was going to turn her away until the people after Tabatha made it personal. Now, Joey is out for blood and fighting on the side of the angels, but that doesn’t make him one of the good guys. (Tech Noir: Book Two)
Cover - Crown and the Ring new His name is Danr and magic is his birthright.

With the giants on the move, he embarks on a dangerous quest to recover a relic from the last age. Accompanied by a priestess and her paladins, he has the chance to claim a prize he has sought for generations but at what price?