First Impression: Pelgraff

All of the samples and books that I have read all have one thing in common. Each one grabbed my attention within the first few paragraphs. They somehow peaked my interest and wanted me to read more by the second page. Pelgraff by D.A. Boulter didn’t do that for me.

The foreward gave a little hint of things to come but it wasn’t interesting to make me want to read the rest of the book. A well written foreward or prologue can be as good or better than the first chapter of a book. Other times, it can turn a reader off. This one falls somewhere in between. If I were in a bookstore, I might have put the book down. I decided to keep reading.

The first chapter started off a bit slow for my tastes. Midway through the second chapter, I put the book down. The book had a number of elements I look for. There were details about main character and his circumstances. There were hints concerning the plot. I had a slight grasp on the setting. My main problem was the lack of a strong hook. A number of things were interesting but not interesting enough to make me keep reading. That said, someone else might be hooked by the story immediately.


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